The unique experience of  SELF- BUILD

house2.jpg (87527 bytes)A new home is probably the biggest financial investment most of us will ever make, so it is important that we get everything right - first time. Apart from the actual design and construction, it is also important to look at the costs very carefully and eliminate any unnecessary expenditure ...... like not making someone else a profit when you could be doing it yourself! Read all about it in "Self-Build Housing - The Complete Works" published by Amcadd and available to read on-line by following the link below.

Self-build can be about mixing concrete in the pouring rain, or lugging 15-foot long floor joists through a sea of mud;  it can be about the careful (but not necessarily time-consuming) selection of suitable tradesmen, choosing and ordering materials; or it can be about simply watching the whole thing coming to a very satisfactory and pleasing conclusion, so long as you are guided by experts.

house.jpg (133374 bytes)Even if you intend to do everything yourself (or with the help of a few friends) or simply cut out the middlemen, always obtain the services of an architect who specializes in timber frame to show you the way - organizing men and materials, overseeing payments and providing inspection certificates, not to mention designing the building and obtaining planning permission. 

rosmhor.jpg (332824 bytes)Whether it is for one house for yourself or a whole estate for a co-operative, the principle remains the same : 50% on materials + 30% on labour =  20% saved !



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"Self-Build Housing - The Complete Works"

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